“Do not give fruit juices to children, in their first year of life”

“Do not give fruit juices to children, in their first year of life”

Por: Dra. María del Mar Arango | Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-20 | Healthy tips for children

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) launched a new recommendation in its guidelines of child nutrition “Do not give fruit juices to children, in their first year of life”.

This recommendation caused a great controversy between parents and some pediatricians, since they consider that fruits, are essential for growth.

Here we explain why this recommendation was generated:

  1. Fruit´s juice does not offer any nutritional benefit in the diet of children under 1 year of age, compared to whole fruit.
  2. Juice contains less fiber than fruit: Fiber that is lost when making a juice, fulfills an essential function in the intestine, since it decreases the percentage of absorption of the monosaccharides (sugar), and therefore decreases the response of the insulin, and can then prevent the development of diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
  3. The juice concentrates a high amount of sugar, consequently, the organism, before the elevation of blood glucose, generates a rapid hormonal fluctuation. If this fluctuation occurs chronically, it can produce a metabolic change called insulin resistance, and damage to the B cells of the pancreas, due to the glyco-toxicity of these types of beverages.

In addition to this new recommendation, the experts intend for children to become accustomed to drinking water instead of high-sugar drinks during their meals.


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