Research and Innovation

At Othello Nutrition, we approach nutrition scientifically, by generating systematic content based on scientific evidence, in order to improve the nutritional conditions of people through the construction of knowledge in human nutrition and its link to the formulation of functional or therapeutic ready to consume foods.

Research and knowledge on human nutrition and its link with mental health, by health professionals, for the community.

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Development and assessment of nutraceutical, functional or therapeutic foods.

By generating a link between scientific evidence and innovation in nutritional health, Othello Nutrition develops highly nutritious and functional foods or supplements.

Publics health nutrition and its link to mental health

Counseling and accompaniment of patients, communities and healthy people in the creation of healthy living habits, through the generation of specialized content in health and nutrition.

  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of food and nutritional interventions in communities.
  • Produce knowledge about the strategies of psychiatry and psychology for the prevention of chronic diseases caused by malnutrition.
  • Structuring innovation models, to prevent social groups with lower economic and educational resources, from suffering from nutritional diseases.
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