The NutriNeurons Program was a success in the 8th commune of Medellín

The NutriNeurons Program was a success in the 8th commune of Medellín

Por: María Alejandra Tavera | Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-09 | Nutrineurothnas

53 children and mothers, from commune 8 of Medellín, victims of the armed conflict, were the beneficiaries of the Othello Nutrition Program, called Nutrineurons.

The program was born because children in Colombia have great limitations in accessing a nutritious diet with high protein quality, and therefore they are fed with diets based largely on vegetable sources, with a high density of anti-nutrients; and with few foods of animal origin, such as milk or eggs. Which can generate a delay in neuro-cognitive development and promote diseases such as anemia or infections.

During this day, we were able to provide each child with a protein and micronutrient kit, from Othello Nutrition, as well as training in changes in nutritional behavior and its link to mental health, to the mothers and primary caregivers of the children.

At Othello Nutrition, we understand that anti-malnutrition programs, that integrate early childhood nutrition with parent education, are critically more cost-effective, and sustainable, than those that they are made only for childhood.

We thank all the mothers who attended the event, the organizing committee, the volunteers, and the allied companies (Contraplano productora, Nutreo, Esnatos, Brownies del Club, Seca), for making this event a reality.

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