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One kit contains 25 OTH-70,  in order to nourish a children from 6 months to 5 years for one month. OTH-70 was scientifically formulated as prophylaxis against protein-malnutrition, since during this period, occurs the formation of billions of nerve cells and a whole network of communication between them, where protein and other 11 micronutrients contained in OTH-70 are essential.


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Why buy a kit for a vulnerable child to a social company like Othello Nutrition?

There is a challenge with the foods specially formulated in Latin America, since they only reach 15% of the population in a situation of vulnerability; In addition, most of these foods contain a varied nutritional profile, which may not correspond to the latest recommendations of the WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In addition, only 10% of the programs against malnutrition in Latin America have rigorous evaluation processes. (Galván, 2007)

Othello Nutrition, will deliver each of the donated kits, to the entities responsible for the follow-up and accompaniment of children affected especially by food insecurity and chronic malnutrition, in different parts of the country.

You will receive a report from the institution and the exact place where the delivery of your kit was made, and you will be able to know the impact of it, by registering your email here.

If your company would like to join this mission, please contact us at (Companies that fight together against child malnutrition #juntoscontralamalnutrición, receive an annual talk for their employees and / or collaborators)

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