With 53 packed nutritional kits finished our day Nutrineurons

With 53 packed nutritional kits finished our day Nutrineurons

Por: Gloria Ortiz | Fecha de publicación: 2017-11-30 | Nutrineurothnas

About 30 volunteers participated in our Nutrineuron´s Day, which took place this December 25th in the Unit of Attention to Victims, Caunces de Oriente, at Medellín, Colombia; here our volunteers stopped being spectators in the tragedy of child malnutrition and became actors, involved in science and action, that improve the nutritional conditions of children.

In total we spent 2 hours interacting and preparing the nutritional kits that will be delivered on Saturday, December 2nd to 53 children in the same sector who are between 6 months and 5 years of age.

At 10 am, this adventure against malnutrition began, with training given by our doctor and founder, María del Mar Arango, in topics such as: Impact of nutrition on human development and the role all as a community, to combat child malnutrition.

After the scientific session, we got down to work and went on to create the nutritional kits.

Additionally, didactic elements were created: such as fruits and vegetables made with porcelain, which will be part of the instructional kit, that will be used as illustrative material.

As part of the dynamics of packaging, we divided the group of volunteers into teams of 4, which participated by a box of 20 bars of Hello Fit from Othello.

Valentina Londoño, Ricardo Gonzalez, Carolina Gonzalez and Juan Pablo Lopez were the winners with 12 kits packed.

In addition to the volunteers, we had the support of brands such as Nutreo, Brownies del Club, Esnatos and Contraplano, who participated in this adventure, contributing from their knowledge, to make the dream of correct nutrition a reality. Infinite thanks!

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