About us

Othello Nutrition is an organization that generates knowledge and innovation through research, to improve the nutritional and psychosocial conditions of people.

What would happen if an organization revolutionized people’s nutrition by making the food industry a «dependency» of medicine, based on current scientific evidence?

This is Othello’s Nutrition proposal!

Our specialty areas

Research and Innovation in public and clinical nutrition

Formulation and commercialization of Ready to consume foods (RCF)

Management of physico social progress

Our reason for existing

Malnutrition covering both undernourishment and obesity, is a major public health problem in latin-america with irreversible consequences for public health. According to WHO, the prevalence of overweight in adults is above 50%, and chronic malnutrition in childhood is around 13.2%.

A fundamental determinant of malnutrition is the lack of articulation between food industry and health science, for the generation of food based on scientific evidence, added to the lack of education to the different actors that take part in the system; all this prevents the progress and recovery of people´s nutrition, and lack of innovation in traditional food companies.

Our history

Othello Nutrition was born in 2016, from the clinic of metabolism and nutrition of the University of Health System at San Antonio, Texas, where its founder Maria del Mar Arango, a physician from CES University, observed how patients benefited from supplements developed based on public health´s research for nutritional solutions, therefore she began to carry out a project in which products and foods were developed specifically for latin american public health´s problems of malnutrition (undernourishment and obesity); for this reason, she joined Manuela Rodríguez, a production engineer, putting the knowledge of different disciplines to create an organization that from the scientific evidence generates products and services to improve the nutritional conditions of people, through a social and innovative business model.

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